1: (prologue) the  nightmare

2: expulsion

3: the case

4: empty apartment

5: dinner 

6: the fiery dream

7: the hospital

8: heavy thoughts


9: beautiful Monica

10: the autopsy suite

11: undreamt

12: death sentence

13: the microchip

14: departure

15: (epilogue) the dream



Warning #1: I'd rate this story an NC-17 for the explicit and gruesome autopsy scenes
Warning #2:
SLASH: Scully/Reyes
Warning #3:
This is recycled material based on Paphian Dreams, a Mulder / Scully story I wrote several years ago.  I decided a few months ago that replacing Mulder's name with Monica's would be a good exercise, a quick story.  Of course, it wasn't that simple. 

Warning #4: Scary stuff ahead, be forewarned.

Thanks to Ae for the prayer hook.